While some POD vendors may suffer in performance during peak season, at Sensaria, we believe you deserve better and your customers deserve better – year round. We are committed to offering you better revenue opportunities by providing the latest holiday shipping cutoffs and some of the best on-time deliveries in the industry. We offer better capacity, quality control, customer service, and products. We are proud to have made significant contributions to our customers’ successful print-on-demand businesses during this recent peak season.

Peak Shipping Season Cutoffs

You deserve to maximize your holiday selling season. In 2023, we were able to extend the season through Monday, December 18th, just 7 days before Christmas. That’s one of the POD industry’s latest cutoff dates. As the busiest time of the year for print-on-demand businesses, every extra sales day contributes significant dollars toward your bottom line. Even with our extended cutoff dates, Sensaria’s highest-performing facilities maintained a 99% on-time shipping rate, one of the highest in the industry. Our U.S. facilities in Sacramento, CA, Dallas, TX, Springfield, MO, and Atlanta, GA achieved an on-time shipping rate of 98% while our Longmont, CO facility outperformed at an unbelievably impressive rate of 99.7%. Our Q4 dropshipping results speak for themselves. You can count on us to deliver during the crucial season.

Reliable Capacity

You deserve a better, more reliable manufacturer. Our 8 domestic U.S. and 5 international facilities have a combined 650,000+ square feet of manufacturing space, allowing us to produce over 1 million print-on-demand products during the 2023 peak season. Sensaria’s global fulfillment facilities provide you with the highest capacity capabilities. While some POD vendors may crack under the pressures of peak logistics, Sensaria delivers when it matters most. Our large footprint gives us a unique advantage in the print-on-demand market to scale with you during peak shipping season to meet the increased demand. Whether you are an independent creative, emerging brand, or established retailer, Sensaria’s high-capacity facilities can exceed your print-on-demand needs. This year, our hardworking production team set new record days for highest shipping volume at 70,000+ total units per day (maintained between Dec 12-14).

In Q4, your focus should be on marketing and sales rather than worrying about the reliability of your print-on-demand provider. Sensaria has the infrastructure and experience to exceed your needs.

High Quality Control

You deserve better quality. Our commitment to constant quality improvements resulted in over 98% of our customers receiving perfect orders during Q4. In 2023, Sensaria implemented job instruction (JI) training across our facilities. In total, 49 trainers were certified during the year. This laid the groundwork for our ecommerce holiday planning to manufacture consistently high-quality wall decor products throughout the season. In addition, full-time quality inspectors ensure products meet our high-quality standards before shipping to customers. Our efforts contributed to a customer order issue/return rate of under 1%. For the few orders with issues, our Voice of Customer (VOC) team works to find the root causes so that we can implement the appropriate solutions to continually improve our processes.

Stellar Customer Service

You deserve better customer service. During December 2023, our customers saw an average email response time of under 50 minutes, substantially shorter than our 24 hour commitment and a 28% improvement from the previous year. Experience peace of mind with Sensaria’s quick & prompt customer service, especially during high-volume times. Our support team helps to resolve any concerns if they arise. As part of ecommerce holiday planning, Sensaria also launched our Peak Season Hub, a dedicated page covering Q4 dropshipping cutoffs, peak logistics, facility manufacturing schedules, peak strategies, and other relevant information. Through Peak Season Hub, we aimed to empower our customers to self-service, mitigating the need for elevated customer support during the holiday season. This, in combination with our improved service and quality control processes in manufacturing and packaging during 2023, led to a 42% reduction in support email ticket volume year-over-year. Our ongoing efforts to improve are continuing to reduce support issues, and if issues do arise, our customer service team is responding faster than ever.

Top-Performing Products

You deserve better product options. Sensaria carries a rich product portfolio of the most popular products for the print-on-demand market. From different canvas products to acrylic prints, metal prints, framed prints, posters, pillows, blankets, and more, we carry solutions that are perfect for every business. Over the ecommerce peak season, these four product categories emerged as the most popular amongst our customers:

If you are not already offering these products as part of your brand, now is the time to get started. They have directly contributed to our customers’ successful print-on-demand stores and can help grow your custom wall decor or custom home decor business as well.

Peak season in the print-on-demand market is a crucial time when pressures rise and print vendors are tested. You deserve better. You deserve to work with a manufacturer who is reliable, offers great products and service, and can scale with you to help you achieve success during the peak shipping season as well as year round. Reach out to us today to see how we can help your print-on-demand business grow in 2024 and beyond.