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World class quality from hundreds of printers nationwide

Scotts Valley, CA

Automated machines ensure the highest speed and quality

Longmont, CO

Lean manufacturing practices and factory redundancy

Springfield, MO

Various sizes of canvas prints available for photography and artwork

Raleigh, NC

Beautiful canvas prints manually streteched for quality control

High Point, NC



Orders arrive on your customers’ doorstep in no time—even during peak seasons, thanks to our efficient fulfillment center operations. Our advanced warehouse fulfillment processes ensure rapid delivery.

Under 3 Days

Our average lead time showcases the efficiency of our custom product manufacturing process, keeping your inventory moving and customers satisfied.

90 Percent

of households are reached in 2 days by ground shipping thanks to our strategic global fulfillment centers across the world.



We operate at a scale that can meet the demands of any size business, ideal for those in need of a print-on-demand supplier that grows with their business.

8 Fulfillment Centers

Located across the United States to support a wide range of projects, from small runs to large-scale productions. 5 more facilities internationally.

200+ Printers

Our high-quality printing capabilities ensure that we can handle your requests with ease.



Our track record speaks to our reliability, with proven processes designed to meet deadlines without compromising on quality.

6 Million+

We produced and shipped over 6M wall décor pieces in a single year.

50,000+ Image Files

We maintain a high daily processing capacity using proprietary software.



We offer the largest selection of print-on-demand wall décor products in North America.


100+ Product Lines

Our product lines include everything from traditional framed pieces to modern metal prints, ensuring there’s something for every space.


Our commitment to quality is in every product. We offer tiers designed to meet various quality requirements and price points without compromising on the final result.

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Custom Product Manufacturing FAQs

Where are Sensaria’s fulfillment centers located in the US?
Sensaria’s network of fulfillment centers is strategically located across the United States to ensure efficient delivery and service. Our fulfillment centers are located in:

Scotts Valley, California
Sacramento, California
Yorba Linda, California
Longmont, Colorado
Dallas, Texas
Raleigh, North Carolina
Atlanta, Georgia
Springfield, Missouri

Is Sensaria Only Available in the United States?
No, Sensaria’s services extend far beyond the United States. As a leading global print-on-demand (POD) fulfillment solution, Sensaria offers international fulfillment solutions through our JONDO brand.

Sensaria operates in 13 locations globally, ensuring fast delivery to support businesses looking for international fulfillment services.

How fast can Sensaria deliver orders?
Sensaria’s warehouse fulfillment centers are designed for speed, with an impressive average manufacturing lead time of under 3 days. Our warehouse fulfillment strategy ensures that 80-90% of orders are delivered to customers within 2-day ground shipping.
What is the capacity of manufacturing Sensaria can support?
Our capacity for custom product manufacturing is virtually unlimited, thanks to our multiple factories and over 200 printers spread strategically across the globe. This setup positions us as a premium print-on-demand supplier, capable of producing high-quality products at scale for businesses of all sizes.
Can Sensaria guarantee quality and reliability in order fulfillment?
Absolutely. Our print-on-demand manufacturers’ offerings are crafted using only high-quality materials and cutting-edge printing technology. This ensures every product meets quality standards, aligning with business needs and customer expectations.