Personalized Pillows

Print-on-demand pillows from Sensaria add a touch of personalization to any home and business space. These customized pillows are available in 3 fabric types.

Canvas Pillows

Custom canvas pillows are the most popular with customers as they are well suited for a wide variety of imagery ranging from family photos to intricate designs. These custom throw pillows are made with 100% polyester, 360 gsm canvas fabric, offering you enhanced durability and rich depth of color.

Premium metal print
Faux suede pillow

Faux Suede Pillows

Faux suede personalized throw pillows give a luxurious touch to home decor. This 100% polyester, 225 gsm fabric is a creamy soft material with a nice smooth touch. Faux suede personalized decorative pillows look great with a wide range of content, from your personal photographs to unique art. Sensaria offers licensed art content through World Art Group.


Faux suede pillow

Linen Pillows

Linen personalized decorative pillows are made with a bright white fabric that is 100% polyester linen S/530. Enjoy custom pillows with an artistic weave and a textured feel making them ideal for abstract imagery and designed typographic content.

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  • The personalized pillow fabric is dyed with the image for unrivaled durability and color vibrancy
  • Color fast for safe washing
  • Double-sided print-on-demand pillow cases available with optional insert
  • Hand sewn & assembled with YYK brand CPSC compliant zipper
  • 100% polyester filling (for stuffed pillows)
High gloss metal print close up
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Available Personalized Pillow Sizes



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What is the difference between the canvas, faux suede, and linen fabrics?
Each fabric has a defined look and feel to the touch. Due to the differences in their textures, certain imagery may be more suitable on one fabric than another.

Canvas custom pillows work great with all artwork including imagery with typographic content, detailed art, and a wide variety of styles.

Faux suede print on demand pillows have a nice, smooth touch. Faux suede pillows work great with both photographic and art content.

Linen personalized pillows are polyester with a linen weave. Linen pillows work are ideal for printing abstract imagery and designed content such as large typographic quotes and sayings

Can pillows be printed on both sides?
Yes. Our personalized photo pillow options are a double-sided product, and a design would need to be submitted for both sides. If the intent is for one side to be blank or a solid color, that would need to be incorporated into the design.
Can the pillows be used outdoors?
While our print-on-demand pillows can be used outdoors, our custom throw pillows are not rated for outdoor use and should be kept in an indoor environment for optimum longevity.
How should the pillows be cleaned?
Personalized pillow cases can be washed with cold water in a machine or hand washed. Our removable insert allows the personalized photo cases to be washed separately.
How should a print ready file be set up?
Images should be sized at 100% dimensions at 300dpi with an Adobe RGB color space. Print-on-demand pillows require a 0.25″ bleed to allow for sewing. Connect with our Integrations team for more information.
Can other features of the pillows be customized?
While the artwork of the personalized photo pillow can be customized on both sides, other aspects of the pillow including the removable insert and YKK zipper are standardized and not customizable.
What size is a standard throw pillow?
Our most popular size for our personalized throw pillows is 18 x 18 but many customers choose more than one size to fill their space. Customers can choose from 10 different sizes to fill their spaces.
World Art Group, A Sensaria Company

In-house art licensing & content creation.

World Art Group is a global leader in art publishing and part of the Sensaria family of brands. For companies in need of art for licensing or custom art created to specification, World Art Group is our dedicated brand for those needs. Let us know how we can help your business.
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