Framed Prints

The perfect framed print for your business. Our Framed Prints offer great quality, profitable pricing and extensive scale potential. Offered in 7 moulding options across 15 sizes.

Economy, elevated.

Complementary to a range of art, photos, spaces and most of all: budgets. The frame assortment features 7 stylish colors in a timeless profile. As with all Sensaria wall products, our Framed Prints arrive ready to hang with pre-installed hardware, making beautifully decorated spaces quick and simple.


  • Frame: 1″ wide by 3/4″ deep, available in black, white, walnut, natural, rustic white, gold, and silver
  • Paper: Premium matte paper
  • Mat: Available with or without white digital borders
  • Front: Standard 1/16” clear acrylic
  • Backing & Hardware: Sawtooth metal hanger and kraft pad backer
Framed prints 7 mouldings
Stack of framed prints
Back of framed print
Detail corner back of framed print

Available Framed Art Print Sizes

8×10 – (10×12 Finished)
11×14 – (13×16 Finished)
12×16 – (14×18 Finished)
12×36 – (14×38 Finished)
13×19 – (15×21 Finished)
16×16 – (18×18 Finished)
16×20 – (18×22 Finished)
16×24 – (18×26 Finished)
18×24 – (20×26 Finished)
20×20 – (22×22 Finished)
20×30 – (22×32 Finished)
24×36 – (26×38 Finished)
30×40 – (32×42 Finished)
* Image sizes in inches; finished sizes include frame
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Looking for more frame styles or colors? Check out our Premium Framed Prints.

Framed Prints

Framed Prints are the ideal fit for customers looking for a scalable, high margin product with quality and style. The classic frame design in an assortment of colors allows the art to take center stage. Framed Prints offer your customers a professional option to elevate any space.

7 frame moulding options
Optional digital white mat
Standard 1/16” clear acrylic
Kraft pad backer
Sawtooth hanger
Available in 15 sizes
Low price

Premium Framed Prints

Premium Framed Prints are an elevated framed print option featuring a wide assortment of frame profiles, finishes and mat options. Created as a luxurious and bespoke collection, this framed product is the perfect accent for one-of-a-kind, museum-ready masterpieces.

23 options across multiple styles/finishes
3 mat options (none, white, black)
Standard 1/16” clear acrylic
White dust cover
Sawtooth hanger or no wire kit (based on size)
Available in 30+ sizes
Mid+ price


What type of decorative wall frame mouldings does Sensaria offer?

There are 7 different frame moulding options to choose from:

  • Black
  • White
  • Walnut
  • Natural
  • Rustic White
  • Gold
  • Silver
What is the frame width and depth of each moulding type?
All frame mouldings are 1 inch wide and 3/4 inch deep.

Moulding size sketchMoulding size

What size are the mats?
A white border can be added to the image area to create the appearance of a mat. Framed Prints do not have a physical mat. For physical mat options, check out our Premium Framed Prints.
How do I hang a custom framed print?
Each personalized frame print comes with a pre-installed sawtooth hanger for easy hanging and positioning.
How should a print ready file be set up?
Images should be sized at 100% dimensions at 300dpi with an Adobe RGB color space.

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