Sensaria + JONDO offer a variety of B2B support services and tools that allow you to better serve your print-on-demand customers. In this blog, we cover those resources including Knowledge Base, self-service tools for handling orders, Peak Season Hub, blogs, and webinars.

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Knowledge Base

For many of our customers, the Knowledge Base is one of the main tools to access B2B support services from us. This online portal offers a wealth of information about our products, integrations options, branding, shipping, and anything else you need to know about Sensaria. Customers use it as a resource for initial integration through product and brand customization setup. Additionally, dropshipping customer service, billing, and shipping information can be found here. An overview of all the assets Knowledge Base has to offer include:

  • Getting started working with Sensaria
  • Integration options and process
  • API documentation
  • Marketing and merchandising support
  • Product specifications, setup information, templates, and marketing imagery
  • Information about shipping times, billing and customer service

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Self-Service Features

Sensaria + JONDO’s API dashboards and GO platform both offer self-service tools that allow you to quickly resolve your print on demand customer service order issues. API customers have the ability to make multiple changes to their orders including: changing addresses or ship types, rushing orders with redos, canceling orders, and canceling items within an order. Smaller businesses who are users of our GO ordering platform have access to Bulk Order and Quick Order, which allow you to easily scale your order process. You can also export order data as well as redo and duplicate orders or cancel orders (before they hit the production stage). These self-service B2B support services allow your team to solve your customer order issues quickly and efficiently.

Peak Season Hub preview

Peak Season Hub

Print on demand customer service is especially important during Q4 peak season as that is when a lot of activity happens for businesses in this space. To better help our customers help their customers, we consolidate all peak season pertinent information into our Peak Season Hub. This dedicated page outlines detailed information regarding:

  • Dropshipping customer service contact and hours
  • Shipping carrier news related to peak
  • Shipping cutoff recommendations based on product and ship types
  • Facility hours and operational dates
  • Facility, product availability, and transit carrier operational status

Peak is a time where every minute counts for your print on demand customer service, and the Peak Season Hub is Sensaria’s portal to help make things more streamlined for getting you the information you need in December.

Informational Tools

The Sensaria & JONDO Blogs offer a wealth of information on different topics related to running your print-on-demand business and how we can help you. Examples of topics covered include ecommerce holiday planning, getting started with selling AI art, and how we differentiate ourselves with shipping logistics.

We have also recently just launched our Webinar video series. Sensaria’s VP of B2B Sales, Chris Young, launched the first edition, and this recurring series will feature thought leaders from our company who will speak to various pertinent topics about our business and industry. Stay tuned for our next webinar on Art Trends, and stay up to date with us for additional topics throughout the year.

Our blogs and webinars give us an opportunity to offer our experience and insight to our customers as they navigate their print-on-demand business and dropshipping customer service strategies.

At Sensaria + JONDO, our goal is to help your growing business through efficient and streamlined workflows so that you can offer the best print on demand customer service to your customers. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can work together.